Laura and James' Wedding


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Laura and James

Gift List

Access to the V-Room at Manchester Airport before we fly - £22 each (purchased thank you)


Wand for Laura - £20 (Purchased thank you)

Wand for James - £20 (Purchased thank you)


Refillable drinks mugs - £5 each (2 available) (Both purchased thank you)


                 A Disney water spray fan - £5 (Purchased thank you)

Dinner for two at the 'Be Our Guest' Restaurant - £60 (Purchased thank you)




Dinner at the Coral Reef Restaurant - £30 each (Purchased thank you)




Spirit of Aloha Dinner and Show - £60 each (Purchased Thank You)




Dinner at 'Boma - Flavours of Africa' Restaurant - £30 each (purchased thank you)




 Fantasmic dinner package for two - £25 each (Purchased Thank You)




Dinner for two at the 'Grand Floridian Café - £20 each (Purchased Thank You)



 Dinner for two at the 'Nine Dragons' Restaurant - £20 each (Purchased Thank You)


A bottle of wine with dinner - £10 (7 available) - (2 purchased thank you)


A selection of Disney Christmas Decorations - £25 (Purchased thank you)




Tickets for Universal Studios (x2 available) - £60 each (Purchased thank you)

A selection of sweets from Honeydukes in Hogsmeade - £25

Lunch for two at The Three Broomsticks - £20 each




Build-a-dino for James - £15




Backstage Safari experience - £46 per person (Purchased thank you)





Just Married Disney pin badges - £5 (Purchased thank you)




A bottle of champagne in our room when we get there - £25 (purchased thank you)



A night out at the cinema in Downtown Disney - £5 each (Purchased thank you)

Swedish massage for Laura at the Zahanati Massage and Fitness Centre - £75 (If you want to you can purchase part of this as we know it is expensive!) (Purchased thank you)

Disney Memory Maker - this gives us a digital version of all the photos taken by cast members in the Disney Parks including ride photos £90 (you can purchase part of this is you want to). (Purchased thank you)

Airport car parking at Manchester Airport £40

Orlando airport is 4243 miles from Manchester airport - to help us get there you can buy air miles for us for £1 a mile. Choose however many miles you like. (80 miles purchased so far thank you)

Esta for entry into the USA - £10 each, x 2 available